Dog Getting Groomed

luxury Grooming

Small Strokes

WASH,BLOw and glow

A luxury shampoo with our all natural products, tailored to your dog's needs. Including a facial and full body massage, a warm blow dry and a de-shed if required. A quick tidy up around the eyes, feet, sanitary area and a spritz of our natural scented spray. Perfect for those in need of a spruce or dogs that shed heavily.

Full groom

 A nose to tail thorough wash, using our all natural shampoos. De-shedding is included during our drying and brushing process. Cutting and clipping to breed standard or personal preference. Ear clean, nail cut, file and a trim around the sanitary area. Finishing off with a spritz of natural perfume to leave your pampered pooch smelling fantastic. *Upgrade to the full spa experience for just £10 extra! 

Small Strokes


Our About The Dog spa experience is a fabulous addition to a full groom if you would like to treat your best friend from head to paw! Using our natural grooming products tailored to your pets coat type. Your pooch will also receive a fruity facial, moisturising treatment for pads & nose, teeth clean, breath spray and our completely vegan sweet refreshing body fragrance. 


Puppy Introduction

*Suitable up to 6 months.

The first groom for any pup can be a daunting time and that’s why our highly skilled groomers have tailored a service to introduce them to the new environment in a fully calm and positive setting. Including our natural speciality puppy shampoo, a gentle blow dry with the quieter drier and a starter trim around the face, paws and sanitary area. 

Dog Wash

Wash & Go

Great for breeds with short hair. Ideal for after long muddy walks, or just for when they are starting to get smelly!

A deep shampoo with our all natural products, followed by a quick blow dry and brush to remove loose hair. Great for in-between full grooms. 

Small Strokes


Small Strokes

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Paw & Nose Balm

Breath fresh