About the dog Policies

Dogs are accepted for grooming at About the dog under the following Terms and Conditions. Your Dogs Health & Welfare 


*Whilst your dog is in my care, its health and welfare is our primary concern. 


*All pre existing health conditions must be discussed with us prior to grooming. 


*All dogs are groomed at owners risk, although we remain the right to refuse to groom a dog we feel too unwell/infirm/aggressive/fearful 


*Behavioural Issues must be honestly disclosed prior to grooming. Failure to do so may result in extra charges if extra time is required to complete the groom. We reserve the right to terminate a groom should the dog be too fearful or stressed to continue, or the dog poses a risk to itself or us.  


*Fearful dogs are welcome, however a rehabilitation programme may be set in place to re-train your dog to be groomed in a relaxed and comfortable manor. This may require weekly appointments until your dogs behaviour improves, or he /she learns to be groomed without fear.  


*Sometimes grooming can reveal health issues you may not have been aware of previously. These will be disclosed to you upon collection, so that you can seek veterinary advice. About the dog cannot be held responsible for ailments discovered during the grooming process. 


*Advice may be given, but we are not vets, and have no medical training. We cannot and will not diagnose or treat any problems.  


*Accidents thankfully are very rare, but do happen. In the event of an emergency, you consent to us seeking medical attention. This will be at owners cost, and you will of course be contacted as soon as possible.  


*If your dog has fleas, please let us know prior to your appointment. Dogs presented with fleas will be bathed in a de-flea shampoo, unless asked not to. A £10 charge will be added to your total groom price to cover the cost of the flea shampoo, and the fumigation treatment of the salon.    



Do you charge a cancellation fee for grooming?

At About the Dog we understand that life sometimes gets in the way and that appointments can get forgotten, which is why we send you a text and email reminder of your appointment 48 hrs before you are due. 
Appointments can be re-arranged or cancelled up to 24 hrs before your scheduled appointment without charge. 
If you contact us with less than 24 hrs notice then a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of your booking will apply. If we cannot fill the appointment we will have to charge you the full cost of the appointment. If you simply do not show up then I’m afraid we will also have to charge you the full cost of the appointment. As a small business, we unfortunately cannot afford to lose out on income for these appointments so please let us know in plenty of time if you can't make it!


What happens if I'm late for my grooming appointment?

If you are late for your appointment I'm sure you will appreciate that we cannot always manage the schedule in a way that means we can complete a groom as planned, we will always try to manage the schedule to allow us to finish a groom but in the event we can’t, you may need to book a short follow-up appointment to complete the groom and there will be an additional charge for this. If you are running 20 minutes or more late then we have the right to refuse to groom and it will be treated as a no show.



What happens if I'm late to collect my dog from their grooming appointment?

If you are running late to collect your dog please let us know! We will obviously take good care of your dog while we wait for you to return but in the event you are more than half an hour late there will be a charge applied as we will need to allocate a member of staff to attend to your dog.



 We understand that sometimes it is hard to keep on top of your dogs coat at home and matting can occur without  owners noticing. Matting can cause irritation and sores to your dogs skin. Mild matting can be painful, but in severe cases, it can cut the circulation off to your pets skin and cause hematomas.

In the event that your dogs coat need to be clipped down due to severe matting, About the dog is not liable for any post grooming effects of this groom ( which is not without risk). We will always prioritise the dog welfare in which it is in no discomfort or stress. Small areas of minimal matting can be de-matted, for a maximum of 15 minutes, on dogs that are comfortable with the procedure. This will be at our discretion as to whether the dog is tolerating the de-matting. 

More severe matting which requires a complete shave down will only be dealt with in a humane way, which is to shave the entire effected coat off. This will result in a very short hair cut, but most importantly a more comfortable dog. Advice on maintaining a well kept coat it always available.

We will always discuss this with you prior to starting the groom however if we unable to reach you by phone at the time by signing this you are giving us permission to act in a way that’s best for the welfare of your dog. All de-matting and shaving off matted coats consumes significantly more time, labour, products and tool wear and tear then a routine groom and therefore will result in an extra charge, payable upon collection. 


We highly recommend brushing your dog very regularly if they tend to become matted often, we sell a wide range of brushes on our website here and we have written a helpful blog on how to brush your dog to prevent them from becoming matted here too.


We appreciate you taking the time to read this and if you have any questions or concerns please do ask your groomer or a member of staff.